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Tai Sang International Holdings Limited was established and registered under the company law of Hong Kong in 2006. Prior to this company formation, our business working was done under a partnership firm in Hong Kong for a span of 2 years. Formation of this company initially as Tai Sang Enterprise Limited was the start of new business progress. An individual funded company with no funding partners.


Initially started with the business of textile machinery, production of textile embroidery machines was the prime business. Even though, today our core business is textile machinery manufacturing.


Tai Sang™ has well-established brand related with all kind of textile machinery, yarn, fabric and expanding into garments exports. Initially as that our business started in China was with embroidery machines, our main brand goodwill was made through the most popular brand name ‘Tai Sang Embro™’ and as that other products started to add up, we started to adopt ‘Tai Sang™’ as our universal brand name.


Parent Company, Tai Sang International Holdings limited has been having its roots in China from 2005. Based in Zhuji city, Zhejiang province, the company’s main purpose was to start with OEM manufacturing of Embroidery machines. Reaching to the great good sales from 2005 till 2007, more business formation, starting of new commercial companies and establishing new regional offices in other region took into progress.

Products, Services And Expansion:

Networking, Negotiation between acquisitions and mergers of larger business establishments, funding possibilities and indenting the finance, arranging funding deals and creating more smooth funds transition during the takeovers and selling is our main course for the funds and funding business. Government or corporate negotiations, we handle them to achieve win √ win possibilities for all concerned. We are loyal partners for business owners who hire us on a consultation basis.

We are always bounded to our commitment and bring more secured transaction deals within finish datelines.

It is always good to have a diversified foresight when we are expanding and thus our Parent company is already involved with expanding into Hotel and Restaurant business. Starting with an Asian food outlet in Singapore in 2016 in much popular commercial location of Singapore, we have already started with our plan of having 100 small outlets in China. Right now, we have 2 outlets which were just started at the start of 2019. The expansion plan is of 100 outlets by 2022

A project to start a 5-star hotel property by the end of this year is on its plans. Acquiring the land for the hotel has already started and legal aspects would be proceeding by the end of this year’s month of November. The hotel partial property construction would be taken by the mid of 2020. This property would be creating its own landmark in the hotels' industry in China.


Being into the business always needs to have strong networking. Our Funding and revenue transit business or our industrial business or expanding into hotels, networking is always worth of importance.

Our Strong working and associates for funds and transits, who are in European countries have stronger ties of commerce with directors at UN. Our personal association with south Asian countries diplomates and with those who are important in their country for political reforms helps us to keep our working stronger. Though our associates are only our associates and none as our partners, we are very well informed with the regional laws and working of each region.

As an industrial company, we are exporting under the Tai Sang™ umbrella and we have more than 36 countries as our buying countries. Our Channel Partners / Agents network in 18 countries. Our progress is all related to the dedicated output by our channel partners and our marketing/sales team.


CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility:

A wide sales arena and good channel partners base in a different region, help us to do our best with our ‘CSR = Corporate Social Responsibility’ projects. Besides working with Homeless in China, in Guangdong province, we are much involved with disowned, disable kids under the age of 5 years or maximum to the age to 10 years. International China Concern is a Hong Kong-registered NGO with whom we try to work for these kids. We are also expanding with our ‘Hunger Kitchen’ concept in Guatemala, Botswana, Kuwait, India and Zimbabwe. We have kitchens which provide food to anyone who is fighting with hunger.

We have quite a soft corner with those who are fighting with hunger and we have pledged to work hard with them, for them. Our company adopts the policy of, ‘Share Your Soup’ - meaning, we hardly have any employees working with us. 90% of those working with us, around the world are partners of our company (non-funding partners/partners in profits)

Other Humanitarian Projects:


  • Simple Education To Children = Reach out to those children who are not able to get even the least of the education. We are trying to engage in partnership with regional NGO’s and right now, trying to fund one2one educational benefits to children who are deprived due to poverty or due to regional conservative traditions.

  • Versatility farming = create awareness within the farmers and try to bring more innovated techniques for farmers to adapt to different and easy possibilities. Considering our responsibility to give back to those who give us our daily meals. [ part of our expansion project]

  • Plastic Free Activity – by end of 2020 we plan to bring all our working - plastic free. We are slowly and stably trying to create cheap and alternate possibilities to remove plastic bags from our daily business use. By 2017 end, we predict to have a plastic free TSE


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