Successful entrepreneurship depends not only on a good business plan but on a company’s ability to react to change speedily and with an eye toward innovation. We will help you to better orient yourself in today’s ever-shifting marketplace, equipping you to more readily seize the numerous opportunities that exist to subsidize your entrepreneurial growth.

Do you need finances for your investment, but the bank refuses to offer a loan?


Do you have an approved subsidy from an EU fund and need external project financing?


Our ‘New Financial Instruments’ function as alternative tools that can partially solve such issues, including discounted loans, bank guarantees, and financing with venture capital, among others. All Instruments emphasize economic performance with clear financial returns.

These returnable loans are intended to straighten a market distorted by non-returnable subsidies and finance those projects which present too great a risk for banks (e.g., start-up projects).

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If you are looking for solutions for your funds' transit, want to lease your instruments or any bankers solutions, you are most welcome to register with us.