TAI SANG hospitality is one of the leading hotel owner and asset manager with an institutional ownership model, experienced leadership and professional management team. TAI SANG has long-standing relationships with few of the well-established and leading brands and hotel operators around the world. 

TAI SANG has adopted an acquisition led strategy which is underpinned by its track record of acquiring and successfully turning around hotels to grow its business. TAI SANG's hospitality operates under well established and leading brands, which provide its hotels access to the operator's loyalty programs, management and operational expertise, industry best practices, online reservation systems and marketing strategies.

TAI SANG hospitalities is coming up with one of the best resorts in China. The finest properties suited with herbal garden, capsules to cottages, entertainment bonanza, one of the finest lounges and party boutiques. 

Private pick up drops from any part of the word and round trips.

The extravagant resort, coming up in the near future!

  • A Luxury Resort

  • A world-class Bar

  • A mystic Lounge

  • Opera, Theater Arena, Multiples Movies, Auditoriums, Corporate Meeting open house and closed rooms

  • A discotheque run by inhouse DJ’s + world-class invitee DJ for every fortnight & on festival times.

  • Luxury SPA with In-house Herbs

  • Herbal Garden [ we are to have an in-house herbal garden. This garden will be for inhouse use which will contribute to our restaurants, SPA & other products. Even we will have herbal pillows & many such things. & the main prospects of this Herbal garden will be to take around, walk for a few minutes, sit & read or have herbal tea in the garden. Spend some time & you can have better health, more purified oxygen & much health advantages. [this will be done in the consultants of well renowned ayurvedic gurus from India]

  • Restaurants – 100% Vegetarian as we only support health supported verdures & we do not encourage the growth of bad karma. [Bar, Liquor, alcohol is one thing that we will still consider that needs to be brought in from the finest makers]

  • Restaurants – DIY – either you cook with the assistance of our in-house chef or you give your choice of making & our chef make it for you. Space which will have the world’s best vegetables, ingredients, choice of cheese, Milk or substitutes for Vegans.

  • Restaurants – A large food court serving almost all word’s best food with mock meat [ we will not prefer to flow any blood in our project.]

  • Restaurant – Finest Dining Place – one of the most expensive place serving food prepared by the finest Chef of the world, you have your own space of Dining & your own space for the meals time. Your choice or In-House menu, food served with silver cutleries & made in the best utensils which promote health. This place would only be available by reservation or invitation.

  • We welcome package – pick up by chopper facilities or a business class flight. A charter facility from any destination of the world to the nearest airport city to our resort & then chopper flying to the resort. Our Exclusive travel desk will take care of our guest trip once they book themselves with us. We will take care of all kind of first-class travel or even the most economic travel trip. We do it all for those either are our members or book themselves with us.

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herbal gardens.jpg
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Cottages 1.jpg
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Cottages 3.jpg
capsule room.jpg

Disclaimer: The photos displayed are only for idea purpose and none of the displayed photos resembles the actually planned resort.