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1206 Pearl Model - Multi-Head Tubular Style Embroidery Machine

Multi-Head Pearl Model Tubular Machines Sizes


TAI SANG EMBRO takes utmost care to develop its Pearl Model - tubular style embroidery machines.


Embroidering on caps, hats, corporate & school uniforms, monograms, or embroidering on any kind of tubular garments are done on these tubular style of embroidery machines. The larger area of embroidery machines is also used as tubular embroidery machines and also for sampling embroidery for flat bed fashion embroidery. 


  1. Making all kind of logos

  2. Embroidery on garments

  3. Embroidery on Caps

  4. Embroidery on T-shirts

  5. Embroidery on socks

  6. Embroidery on Gloves

  7. Embroidery on Dog's collar

  8. Embroidery on pockets

  9. Embroidery on trousers 

  10. Any many more usages with our special frameset


Our Pearl Model have different models for all kind of usage & all kind of customers

looking for budget machine or a high production high-speed multi-head machine, we have it all. our Beam Technology, running machine with the WIRELESS Operation & much more

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Small Hobby - 901

360 x 200 – 9 needles 1 head embroidery area of 360 x 200. Small and budget, domestic like embroidery for small entrepreneur for making embroidery on Caps, Hats and t-shirts.


Machine speed 1200 RPM

Hobby - 1501

360 x 200 - 15 needles 1 head embroidery area of 360 x 200. Domestic like, hobby model with 15 needles. Embroidery machine for small entrepreneur for making embroidery on caps, hats and t-shirts.

Machine speed 1200 RPM

Screenshot 2022-10-05 140016.png

Compaq - 1201

510 x 400 / 1201 400 x 600 – 12 needles 1 head, wider embroidery area, Compaq / closed and easy model. Best model that can be equipped with value added devices for making embroideries on dresses, made-ups, dog collars, and more fancy fashion embroidering. Also can do all kind of logos, monograms on caps, hats, tubular garments like any other tubular style embroidery machine.

Studio Model - 1201

Studio Model - 1201 500 x 800 / 500 x 1200 / and in combination with Chenille and tapping + cording embroidering machines. Studio models are specially designed tubular style embroidery machines which though works like a standard tubular style embroidery machine, the embroidery machine area is so large that it can be used for tailoring and fashion designers’ workshops to specially create specialized creative designs. These machines can also be equipped with all kinds of value-added devices and these models can also be possible with chenille and tapping + cording combination embroidering technology.

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