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100% Polyester Draw Texturised Yarn [P-DTY]

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SD = Semi Dull
BRT. = Bright Trilobal / Bright Round
RW = Raw White ( Natural white )
NIM = Non Intermingle
LIM = Low Intermingle ( SIM = Slight / Semi Intermingled )
HIM = High Intermingle

Ply yarns are available.
Twisted yarns ( with TPM ) are available.

Raw white yarn with dyeing approval.

Dope dyed and packaged dyed yarns are available.

Cationic DTY is available.

1H ( stretch yarn ) available.
2H ( set yarn ) available.
Any customized requirements can be made available.


Origin : 



Taiwan, Malaysia (sourced on request)

Packing :


Carton / box packing
Pallet packing
5.250Kgs per bobbin, 6 bobbins per box.
AA grade even packing
A grade is available on-demand and depends on case to case product from time to time.
Available in paper tubes & perforated tubes.

Applications: Circular knitting, Warp knitting, Weaving, Narrow fabrics, Twisting, Yarn dyeing, Industrial applications and many more.

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