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Know Our Vista Pearl Models

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Vista Model is one of the most economical models from Tai Sang Embro embroidery machines collection. The finest model which is much equipped with finer spares and parts which can make the machine run to the best production possibility. The machines are made by well-learned engineers who have their own experience from last few decades and they know exactly how to make the finest machines with the best economical parts, by not making the machine expensive but then, to make a best possible model

General Specifications of the Machine:


  • Operating System by Dahao Technology, China.

  • 8 Inch Monitor

  • With Trimmer / Cutter

  • With Under Thread Cutter (UTC)

  • Main Motor – Servo Motor

  • X & Y –  Stepping Motor

  • Design Loading – By USB

  • Open Pantograph (suitable for fabric embroidery & garment embroidery)

  • LED Lights Under The Trimmer & Under Rotary Hook

  • Aluminum Linear Drive For Pantograph Moment

  • Italian Belt 50 mm For Linear System

  • Solenoid Jump – Japanese Solenoid

  • Main Shaft - Normal  - 18 mm

  • Japanese Rotary Hook

  • MCB Switch for Power Safety [Miniature Circuit Breaker]

  • Heavy Body structure

  • Bobbin Tray for extra bobbins

  • Good quality, waterproof table

  • Free Tool Box with additional accessories & Spares parts

  • User’s Manual

World Class Standards

sync needles
emergency stop
colour chaning
heavy servo motor
machine body look
strong foot
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