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About Us

Tai Sang Group Of Companies is diversified organization from Hong Kong and mainly operated from China. Expanded in manufacturing of capital goods which are key factors for any country’s development – The Textile Machineries; the phenomenal progress the group witnessed in the starting years from 2005.

Embroidery machines exported in more than 87 countries, and this network helps in expansion of other textile machineries.

TAI SANG EMBRO & PEARL are one of the most popular embroidery machine’s brands, holding a good share of embroidery machines in the worlds embroidery machine’s industry.

TEXTILE weaving machines have also been a proud product of Tai Sang Group. Weaving machines are the backbone of every textile industry and TEKSTIL brand’s Rapier, Air Jet & Water Jet looms have been one of the most popular weaving machines.

Expanded from textile machinery manufacturing, trading of textile yarns and fibres has been a key trade as our association with the yarns and fibres manufacturers has been our strong advantage.

THE BIG BITE CAFES is an expansion of eateries. Small and big snack shops, luncheon or dining, the casual ways of having food and fun. Food begins to do more than just keep our physical bodies alive; it began to fuel our souls.

SALT & PEPPER, our endeavor to create better health, light food, and create own recipes.

PLACES, properties, small and big, best made. Leased or on a management contract for your quick stays or long leisure lazy stays

Image by Leo Fosdal
Hotel Restaurant

These are a few of our diversified businesses. Managing, developing, owning, and acquisitions of eateries & hotels. It has been a passion to expand into the eateries & hotel business. Food begins to do more than just keep our physical bodies alive; it also fuels our souls.

Good Food, Good Health, Good Soul. Vegetarian & Vegan, that’s all about the BBC. The Fun Food Place.

In this world of fast growth, that we saw the mobiles in late 90’s and now in the early 2020’s we are talking strongly about Artificial Intelligence. The business sketches have changed and that’s what we keep talking about, ‘Redefining The Global Trade’.

Our expertise has also been successfully applied to invest in businesses directly or indirectly outside our own brand. These investments span across different industries, and we do not fear taking a little risk to experiment our investments.

TAI SANG FAMILY, the group’s brand working as a private NPO, has been involved in outreach through its CSR program in Kenya, Botswana, Zimbabwe, India, and few more countries based on the principles of sustainability, diversity, and shared values. FoodShare, Literacy & supporting women's entrepreneurship through microfinance are the main projects which we have been focusing on.

TAI SANG GROUP owns its success and leadership position to its core philosophy of ‘Manufacturing Relationship, Distributing Quality’ – the integrated principle that makes our foundations stronger.

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