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The Big Bite Cafes

The Big Bite Cafes or The BBC develops, owns, cultivates properties as asset manager as well as we also handle the franchises programs. We also work under institutional ownership model, with experienced leadership, and professional management team. The BBC team is more than happy collaborating with young entrepreneurs with new ideas.

The BBC has adopted an acquisition led strategy which is underpinned by its track record of acquiring and successfully turning around cafes and restaurants to grow its business.

  • Restaurants – 100% Vegetarianism & Vegan is the new to eat. Its not only about Preventing the exploitation of animals, but it can also be just that you wish to eat healthy and maybe just vegetarian.

  • Restaurants – DIY – either you cook with the assistance of our in-house chef or give us your choice of food and our chef make it for you. Space which will have the world’s best vegetables, ingredients, choice of cheese, milk or substitutes for Vegans. Bring in your family, come with your friends, organize a brunch or an evening long party. Have a butler service or enjoy making it all your way.




What to expect at our Cafes'

Away from the busy life, or a place within a corporate street, we are also at the beach sides or the shopping streets. Just come in, relax with the best of the music, and enjoy your Big Bites with us at The Big Bite Café


Salt & Pepper

Soup & Salad bars, typically the healthy food that you wish to have at anytime of the day.

Start our day with it or have a healthy booster of smooth energizing soup and a bowl full of tasteful salads or end your day with light tasty soup and excellent salads those made with your selected ingredients.

Salt & Pepper brand caters especially to the segment of soups and salads, roasted vegetables, bread, and small bites with a wide range of protein-based cheese. The in-house chefs are dedicated to keep checking out on their creativity of different soups that are suggested by you or our teammates and keep creating new mixes for healthy & lavish salad bowls.

Its all vegetarian or vegan as that you like and that you prefer.

Enjoy with your own music or cherish our favourite numbers.


Bed and Breakfast, Hotels, Resorts – all for you to select how you plan your stay. Moving fast and just want to drop down to the bed from the tired day, eat healthy and move fast in the morning. Or make a stay little longer for your business plus leisure time or just want to relax with your friends and family.

Places is a well-managed brand that manages properties of chain hotels to self-maintained, owned, or leased properties. Customer’s care and pampering the customers to all style properties is the main motive behind the business of Places.

Keep watching this space for more updates on the ventures coming up with Places.


Disclaimer: The photos displayed are only for idea purpose and none of the displayed photos resembles the actual properties.

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