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Textile Weaving Looms

TK 736 Rapier Loom 2.jpg

TK -736 Rapier Looms

This shuttleless loom provides higher speed, more stable performance, and longer function life, with wide weaving adaptability including natural fibers like cotton, polyester, wool, linen, chemical yarns, and blended yarns.

Tekstil Rapier loom adopts the latest technology to weave the finest fabrics with dobby, cam, or jacquard.

  • This machine adopts a Micro-electronics control system, high efficiency, more steady, and wide adaptability.

  • Using 4 short connectors and a short reed seat, which ensure big enough strength for beating up motion and high speed.

  • Adopts 6-connecting-rod weft structure, which can make sure enough time for weft of gripper, to make weft steadier.

  • Adopts continuous take-up device, to make better fabric quality.

TS - 8200 Water Jet Looms.jpg

TK-9100 Air Jet Looms with Dobby or Cam

Tekstil Air jet loom adopts the latest technology to weave the finest fabrics.

TEKSTIL always tries its best to produce the finest & latest Air Jet loom with updated technology, cost-effective & low-sound looms.

  • With a new type of wall board and combined shaft, the machine can weave more stable, and the speed can get higher.

  • Using a new weft insertion system, energy-saving main nozzle, and one by two sup nozzle, we can realize high-speed weft insertion under low pressure, better weft insertion time control, and energy saving.

  • With the help of a new electronic control system, the automatic setting of weaving process parameters and monitoring of the operation state can be realized.

TS - 8200 Water Jet Looms.jpg

TK – 8200 Water Jet Looms

Tekstil brand water jet loom is suitable for high twisted, heavy-density, high-quality fabrics weaving, including Curtains, tablecloths, umbrella cloth, vestee, home textile fabrics, and all kinds of heavy fabrics which made of the POY, FTY, twisted yarn, spandex-covered yarn from 20 D to 1800 D.

Tekstil high-speed water jet looms with mechanical let-off and take-up or electronic let-off and take-up. The buyer can choose any system as per their requirement.

Improved design Nozzles & Electronic feeder gives steady weft Insertion.

The company engineer researched the Japanese machine’s beating–up motion system and design a better system, not only operating at high speed and smoothly but also the axis rigid. It can ensure the fabrics do not have a filling bar.

Tekstil high-speed water jet loom still adopts the protector for the reed, the Japanese machine has already removed the protector for saving the cost. If without a protector, the reed will be damaged quickly.

Contact us for your needs

Contact us related to your inquiry about any kind of weaving looms. Above mentioned models are just for information purpose. We produce all kinds of models that can weave as per the need of the fabrics

TEKSTIL brand looms are made with in-depth research, with tried and tested technology and we use one of the best spares that are available in the market.

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