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'Redefining Global Trade' - That's What We Do At Tai Sang International Holdings Limited

Consultation for your business ventures in Hong Kong or China, Investments, Collaboration or Joint Ventures.

Banking Management or Government ventures, that's what we try to manage for you at Tai Sang - Global Business House

The company is also well established in the textile industry. Computerized embroidery machines have been our heart and that is one business which has helped us to expand into more than 37 countries. Manufacturing computerized embroidery machines from 2005, we also been dealing with other textile machines like textile weaving looms, laser machines, digital printing machines. Our Team can also take over the contract of creating a master studio textile production and designing, advertisements and promotion businesses too.

Hotel, Restaurants, Food and that's what we call the need for human. Expanding with hotels, developing the futuristic hotel chains, mushrooming restaurants and to create food supply for the underprivileged along with the hotel lines and restaurants, Tai Sang is expanding. Partners and investors are welcome

Global Business House - Dealing, Negotiating or Logistical solution for your trade or your funds. Welcome to discuss your business needs. 



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