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To the World of Tai Sang

Redefining Global Trade

01. Our Reach

Global trade with 87 + countries

02. Our Expansion

Mushrooming Eateries and branch offices every year

03. Empathy & Care

75,000 meals – FoodShare program 2022 and counting.

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How we make business at Tai Sang.

We do the business with fun, care, and empathy. We are a team of likeminded professionals who works professionally, working across the globe for a common purpose. We are led by our ethical principles and values. We manufacture relations and distribute quality.

Having a successful business is no rocket science. It is how well we can do it with creative ideas and integrating the ideas into plan and performing through them.

We take each business as important as any other. Each deal is new path of a success story for us. Each customer is the first customer for us and every revenue we work is earned with empathy and sense of importance.

Come, let’s have some more fun together. Let us do some business together. Let us earn together. Let us then giveback together.

Amazing Businesses That makes Us Who We Are

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Textile Machines


Global Trade


The Big Bite Cafes


Salt & Pepper

Image by Oswald Elsaboath


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Mergers & Acquisitions


Corporate Social Responsibility

Client testimonials

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Tai Sang is always trying to satisfy the need of the customers with the best products quality. Although it is hard for Tai Sang to think in the consumers aspect always, they have done it and would do it. Now, Tai Sang is not only recognised in Asian countries but also all over the world including middle east, South America, and Western countries.

Mr Lee. Korea


Nashon Lee Photo (2).jpeg

I came to know about Tai Sang Embro from a B2B.

TSE page, website, and representatives are very informative.

The decision was very easy especially with videos of the equipment and testimonials from previous customers. The pricing is very attractive as well!

The payment process was easy.

I will recommend Tai Sang Embro to everyone and looking forward to more purchases in the future

I love the equipment and all of its capabilities. The possibilities are endless. The TSE team are great people and always willing to help at any given moment.

Mr Nashon. Georgia. USA


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