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TSE™ is an industry leader in producing commercial embroidery machines offering the perfect balance of features, quality and price for your industrial production use. When you plan to purchase a new TSE™ machine from TAI SANG EMBRO™ we take care of all your needs. Discussing your requirement, consulting on your real need & saving your money, designing your machine - completely customized as per your need & we do not offer you a ready stock machine which may not be your actual requirement. we design machine as per your need of embroidery & as per your need for production.  Delivering your machine, training so that your purchase can start making you money, and getting you all the embroidery supplies to keep your embroidery business running. 

How To Order !!!


You are welcome to discuss with us for your upcoming purchase. We are always available on Business WhatsApp +8613957511570 or eMail us at


As per the discussion, you may select your product from this eShop


General Terms:

Delivery: Each Product has its own delivery time. once you select the product, your delivery time would be mentioned while purchasing the product. 

Refund Policy: We appreciate each order of our customers & we have special refund policy for your orders

Privacy Policy: We respect your privacy & thus we take care of your concerns related to your privacy policy



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