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Stitch N Sew - Chenille Embroidery Machine

Stitch N Sew is Tai Sang Embro's Advance model which is specially created for the value addition embroidery.

Embroidery likes of Chenille / Chain stitch / Loop Embroidery are specialized embroidery & at Tai Sang Embro, we take special care to make these machines with more finer Technology

More Value Addition Mix Options

  1. Flat Embroidery With Chenille / Chain Stitch Embroidery

  2. Flat Embroidery With Chenille / Chain Stitch Embroidery With Sequin Device

  3. Only Chenille / Chain Stitch with Sequin Embroidery

  4. Sequin, Easy Cording With Multi Mix

  5. TCD [Thermal Cutting Device] with Mix or Only Chenille / Chain Stitch

  6. Flat, Chenille / Chain with Cording / Tapping With Sequin [ Single / Dual ] Mix

Needle Options : 2 to 6

Heads Option : 1 to 45

Head to Head Area : 110mm to 1500mm [ depending on number of heads ]

Y Area : Maximum area 1500 MM

Computer System : Dahao 10 Inch Monitor

Speed Available : 850 RPM / 1100 RPM

Trimmer System : Auto Trimmer

Electricity : single phase / 3 Phase

Power Consumption : 2KW ~ 6 KW [Depending on the machine specifications]

For More Details or Your Own Options, Write to us

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