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PEARL - The Tubs. Tubular Embroidery Machines

PEARL - The Tubs, the Tubular Embroidery Machines collection from Tai Sang Embro. This Series of machines are specially made for the embroidery on tubular products or on shoes, belts & other such specialized products.

PEARL is made in more than 8 models only for single head while for multi head we @Tai Sang Embro make from 2 heads to 12 heads. our standard size if 400 mm x 450 mm but on special requirements, we can also make 450 mm x 500 mm

Attachments for frame fitting - Master Hoop, shoes, socks embroidery attachments, belt embroidery attachments, dog collar embroidery attachments and all such specialized attached are also available. 8 in 1 for garment embroidery attachment from Tai Sang Embro is one of the most beautiful product for gaining more advantage from your job and be a premier embroidery provider in your city.

To Learn More About Our PEARL MODEL, keep a track on our Blog & also apply for news letter.

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