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1201 500 x 800 | Model Of The Month - August

Every Month, we at Tai Sang Embro bring forward one of our finest models as 'Model Of The Month'. It Means, we are giving highest discounts, more promotional accessories and additional advantages for the customers and our agents.

This Month, What Do You Have To Your Benefit?

1201 500 x 800 is one of the finest model which allows your to make embroidery on caps, tshirts, tubular garments, on articles like purses, shoes, neckties with the help of our 8in1 frames, also make embroidery on fashion fabrics too.

Embroidering Fashion Fabric with 12 colours


To make embroidery on shoes, purse, necktie, collars, shirt pockets, socks our our 8 in 1 magnet frames

Here are your benefit:

  1. Standard Price is 4500 USD FOB

  2. Price if you buy now, 4050 USD CIF

  3. Free Freight to your country sea-port

  4. 3 sets of thread cones free

  5. 150 prewound bobbins free

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